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Ghost Mannequin or Invisible Mannequin Services

Modern business requires modern solutions. As the eCommerce industry is growing so fast, there is high competition in everything. In such a situation, hiring top models for your clothing business could be tough. It will cost huge, and in return, you will have to compromise with the profit margin. But there is an effective solution for such an issue, which is using a mannequin. Once the picture is captured in the dummy, the dummy part will be removed.

This is the point when ghost mannequin services are needed. We are exclusively offering the service for any industry. In this service area, we will remove the mannequin’s visible part and join the neck with the front part. After the final editing, it looks attractive, and you can showcase your products.

Types of Our Ghost Mannequin Services

Each business has some unique demands for everything. Considering the fact, we offer a wide range of ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin services. Here are our services –

Simple Ghost Mannequin Service

This is our most affordable invisible mannequin effect service. For businesses that have simple images that require removing the dummy, this service for you. Images with less curve in the raw file and have in the straight form are included in this service. This kind of image used to require less editing on the other details. It best suits a simple t-shirt, shirt, and similar images. Our experts will join the neck flawlessly so that it looks attractive.

Medium Ghost Mannequin Service

In some clothing businesses, simple ghost mannequin service is not enough. The object that requires editing may contain a curve, some additional shapes, and in straight form. Our professional editors will adjust the shapes and make them deal with the ghost mannequin effect. There will be no flaws or mismatched portions in the image.

Complex Ghost Mannequin Service

This is the advanced level work of editing. If you are selling some products that require to add a smooth curve, change the shape, and more, this service suits your business. We will adjust the curves, shapes, and small details in the image. The ending result will be a polished and smooth image of the product. Businesses like selling suits, jackets, and similar items best suit this service.

Removed model from the suit and created an invisible mannequin effect in PhotoshopRemoved model from the suit and created an invisible mannequin effect in Photoshop

in Ghost Mannequin Services, We will make sure that:

Perfect looking and sharp natural shadow of the product.

Perfect looking and sharp natural shadow of the product.

Get Clean and Well Finished Edge Images From Clipping Paths World

We provide clean images with
well-finished edges.

on-time delivery

All orders will be delivered on time.

When to Use Ghost Mannequin Services?

The invisible mannequin effect is a widely used photo editing service for eCommerce industries. This mostly suits the clothing business. If you are wondering when to order this service, here are some reasons why to choose this –

Dummy –

To bring life to the product you are selling. When it is one the dummy, the image looks like a real human model is wearing it.

Dresses –

To add some volume to apparel like t-shirt, jeans, shirts, skirts, etc., ghost mannequin photo editing services are required.

Reduce Cost –

Do you want to reduce expenses on product photography? Then this ghost mannequin effect service is for you.

360° –

Does your product require a 360°-degree view? Then you need the invisible mannequin service.

When to Use Ghost Mannequin Services?

We are offering the best ghost mannequin editing services online. Here are some reasons to choose us –

  • We offer on-time delivery without losing the quality of the images
  • Our team does have only qualified and experienced photo editors
  • All the pricing plan and packages are affordable and offer the best price
  • No hassle in the communication as we have a dedicated customer care service
  • We ensure fast delivery for all the projects we handle

Quality Assurance

We maintain the best quality for each order. Whether it is a bulk order or a single image clipping work, we can assure the best quality. We have a team of experts who do the work for our clients. We don’t deliver the works until the client’s requirements are fulfilled.

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