About Clipping Paths World

Clipping Paths World (CPW) is an internet-based outsourcing company. Its main production department is situated in Asia zone For the geographic location worker cost is lower than other places of the world for that reason Clipping Paths World can offer work in low and giving you guarantee with no one quality of work. We are providing all kinds of graphics editing services like..image masking, background removal, retouch/image editing, clipping path, multi clipping path, shadow creation, Raster to vector and also all other image editings who are related with professional image editing.

There are about 150+ full time highly skilled graphics design professionals working here for the last few years Each person is experienced in each subject like someone is on the field on the Clipping path and someone is image masking and others are on other services. Clipping Paths World provides customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We have customer service operators who are working in 3 shifts to continue the work on 24 hours a day. We have high-speed optical fibre EtherNet connection for communicating with the clients and also fully featured our server.

Clipping Paths World (CPW) is USA based company in Bangladesh. In Bangladeshi office, the production department and management department are in the same office customer service department and also the all department working place is the same for that reason all the members can synchronize the work with each other easily. Clipping Paths World is about making your business day easier, and getting you the best results so you too can feel proud.


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